Titan of the Month December 2021 – Evan Carhart

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titan of the month december 2021

I’m 37, married to Brooke (also a Titan, we usually go to class together), two children, Grace 12 and Finn 8. I’m a former CPA in tech sales for a company called Workiva that makes financial reporting and compliance software.

I’ve been aware of CrossFit since college, and have always been curious, but could never “find the time” when my children were younger. I’ve always had a pull up bar, so would try and do a mix of at home body weight workouts, but consistent motivation was always an issue. Brooke works with Jess Burrows (also a Titan), and Jess convinced Brooke to try it out.

I jumped on the opportunity to go with Brooke, especially since our daughter can watch our son while we’re at the gym. I was hooked after the first class. I swam in college and I realized the reason I struggled with motivation is all of my workouts since I was a kid involved showing up and just being told what to do versus going to a gym and creating my own workouts.

CrossFit gives me just that. I show up to class, grind, and don’t have to think (other than trying to count reps).

Why did you end up sticking with CrossFit?

I love being in shape and I love checking out for an hour. When I’m working out, I get a break from worrying about problems at work, raising my kids, etc. Also, if I’m ever having a rough day when nothing is working out, I can fall back on “well, at least I’m in shape again”. Being able to continue to surf and snowboard are also factors that motivate me. This will be my first snow season since starting CrossFit and I’m looking forward the leg and core strength and not fatiguing so quickly. 

What achievement or PR are you most proud of, and what is your next goal you’re working toward?

I’m most proud of being able to Clean and Jerk properly and start to increase weight (e.g. use the blue plates). When my swim team lifted in college, only the sprinters did cleans and I was always jealous because it’s a movement that creates strength applicable to every day life. Next goal I’m working toward is a muscle up!

What advice would you give to someone who is New Or Considering Trying CrossFit?

Focus on technique before you even consider trying to push yourself with weight. The goal of CrossFit (at least mine) is life long fitness. You can’t stay fit if you hurt yourself. Also, check your ego at the door. Scale as much as you need to so you can lift another day, and don’t worry about the people doing Rx. More than likely, they aren’t worried about you. They’re just trying to survive the workout too 🙂