Titan of the Month December 2022 – Jim Clark

Jim air squatIMG 1161

Jim has been a member since 2017 and is a staple in the 530 am class. He CrossFits and exercises for life. You can spot him in the gym attending classes almost every day of the week.

What led you to try CrossFit?

My wife had trained with Becca for several years and she was coaching the Volleyball team at HHS. She talked with Becca about working with the girls for some off-season conditioning. Our daughter started doing CrossFit a few times a week. I also started working with Becca on food and nutrition stuff and at her prodding decided to give it a shot.

Why did you continue to CrossFit?

I love the community. I love the friends I have made at Titan, especially the Roosters. Having friends that become family is the reason I continue to CrossFit.

Describe how your attitude towards health and fitness has evolved since you began your journey

I exercised because I was and still to a point am terrified of being labeled the “fat kid”. There are certain things that being smaller and weighing less allow you to do better. BUT I have learned that being smaller and weighing less does not equate to happy and being better.  I have learned that +/- 5 lbs is not worth happy.  You have a responsibility to yourself to take care of yourself, because there is only 1 you. If you can take care of yourself, it allows you to be a better you and take care of your family and friends.

Share a memorable CrossFit moment that makes you laugh or puts a smile on your face

Pretty much every morning at 5:30 am when we warm up and find new ways complain and pick on each other. Being coached by Emma after she got her L1 was pretty awesome. Doing a partner workout with Kate and not counting correctly so we do 15 extra rounds… standing in front of all the moms at noon class and telling them that snatching is the male equivalent to giving birth…

What are you proud of and why?

After 48 years of living and finally getting a pull up. I am proud when one of the new people asks for my opinion on something.

What’s your advice for other CrossFitters or people looking to start?

Check your ego at the door, or maybe even leave it in your car. Focus on movement. If you can’t move it correctly drop the weight. Moving it pretty is a 1000% better than moving it ugly. Even though it counts in CrossFit.

Why the coaches chose Jim as Titan of the month

Jim is full of sarcastic humor. Underneath the sarcasm and wit is an incredibly sincere and thoughtful heart. He welcomes everyone to class. He gives you encouragement to show up. His banter is contagious. It helps to unify those around him no matter when or where he is. He is one of the fibers that hold Titan together.
We’ve witnessed Jim’s fitness evolution. Jim has gone from saying things like “I’m never gonna be able to do that” to “I remember when I couldn’t” to sometimes “maybe someday”. He is the perfect example of how hard work and consistency can help introduce us to our best selves. He CrossFits for all the right reasons. He’s not here to be the best athlete, race to the top of the leader board, run his body into the ground or push to the point of injury. He comes every day to do the best he can that day. This means he scales for how his body is feeling. He picks weights and paces that are challenging but doable. Some days Jim finds himself towards the top of the leader board because of all his good choices and smart training habits. We’ve heard him say the long goal is to keep moving, to stay mobile and to be independent for decades to come. We could all be a little more like Jim!