Titan of the Month – January 2022 – Brenda Shakley

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titan of the month january 2022

My name is Brenda Scaglione, (Shakley), I’m 36 yrs old, wife to Luke, and enjoying life by cuddling my three cats and an Akita named Joe. I also enjoy cooking, puzzling, knitting, crochet, traveling, and working out.  I have always been pretty consistent with working out since college. I would be a general gym goer from doing my own thing in the weight room or cardio machine to taking classes like yoga, HIIT, TRX, Kettlebells.  I have always been curious about CrossFit but never had the right push to try. When Maryland shut down gyms for the pandemic I tried keeping up by working out from home. This was ok, but nothing I looked forward to doing.  Once restrictions were lifted to allow gyms outdoors, my husband found Titan was beginning outdoor classes. We signed up and were thrilled with our first class. I’ll always cherish those first few weeks working out with Coach Colette in the parking lot to give me some sanity in bizarre time.

Why did you end up sticking with CrossFit?

I really like having the class structure. I don’t need to think, I just need to show up. The workouts are always challenging, but the coaches are ready to scale to where you’re at. That means there’s also always room for improvement and therefore something to challenge yourself with.

What achievement or PR are you most proud of, and what is your next goal you’re working toward?

I love learning new things, so progressing through new movements has been a highlight over the two years.  But one simple thing that has alluded me prior to Titan was a pull-up. I’m now proud to say I can do a few and even some weighted.  Another highlight was after a session of weightlifting training I also got to participate in a mock weightlifting lifting meet where I won best snatch. I had no clue what a snatch lift was prior to Titan. Thanks Coach Nicole!

What advice would you give to someone who is New Or Considering Trying CrossFit?

I would suggest CrossFit for anybody looking for a challenge; need a good workout without thinking; looking for motivation by working out in a community; bored with their current routine; so many reasons. I would also suggest to start moderately but consistently.  Get in more classes per week than going hard in fewer.  Also scale. Scale if you’re learning, scale if your hurting, scale if you just wanna have fun, scale if it’s just not your day. Scale can mean doing the weight that works for you, fewer reps or rounds, different but comparable movement, different range of motion.  Coaches will help you with this and I’m still doing it to this day on most workouts.