Titan of the Month March 2022 – Vartika Yadav

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titan of the month march 2022My name is Vartika Yadav and I have been a member of Titan since June, 2020. Before joining Titan, I was an occasional gym goer at a regular gym but I couldn’t stick to a consistent schedule and I felt there was no progression. My husband suggested I try Titan for 3 months to see how I like it.

At first, I started attending the 9 am class and I really liked the way the classes were structured. I didn’t have to think about programming a workout, just turn up to class. I learnt something new each day and I really enjoyed the coaching and community.

Why did you end up sticking with CrossFit?

Initially, I just enjoyed the challenge of each workout. There were many new movements and learning how to perform these more efficiently was satisfying. After a few weeks, I noticed that my mobility had improved and I wasn’t starting to get as tired during a workout. I realized that the programming was working and all I had to do was turn up to class. I still want to get better at all the movements, particularly with the barbell and gymnastics movements. I also enjoy working out with the Titan community.

Outside the gym, I noticed that CrossFit has helped to keep up with my kids in their activities. I can join my daughter on a cross-country run on the spur of the moment or play sports with my son.

What achievement or PR are you most proud of, and what is your next goal you’re working toward?

I enrolled in a weightlifting class with coaches Nicole and Spin and I noticed a big increase in my strength and Olympic lifts. I never thought I could deadlift and squat more than 200 pounds and I am proud of those PRs. My next goal is to improve my gymnastics skills and I am still working on my Olympic lifts.

What advice would you give to someone who is New Or Considering Trying CrossFit?

My advice for someone who is new or considering trying CrossFit is that it is for everyone. I started in my 40s when many people are not challenged to learn new skills. I also thought I was not strong enough or fit enough to do CrossFit. No matter what your fitness level is, the movements can always be scaled to meet your needs. Eventually, being consistent and challenging yourself will improve your general fitness level.

Most importantly, enjoy the process and have fun!