Titan Updates, 1/24

Heyo Titans!

This week in programming we are in our fourth week of our 8-week back squat cycle. The lifts will be based on a Heavy 3 established earlier in the month. If you don’t have a Heavy 3, no worries — you’ll be able to determine a good weight in class OR you can find one outside of class if you that’s something you’d like to have on record. Back Squats are on Thursday along with a nice little sprinty gem of a barbell workout. Don’t worry, burpees are included for extra fun 😀

Gymnastics pulling and strength continues on Wednesday. We are building a good base in the shoulders to progress into more dynamic and complex kipping movements in February. 

We have a tricky couplet coming up tomorrow after working on snatches. Box jumps + Power Snatches = explosive! On Wednesday our workout is good, old-fashioned crossfit with pull-ups and lower body gymnastic movements. That kind of workout is a mental game and will test your mental muscle more than you think! Friday will be fun to get upside down, whether it be showing off your Handstand walking skills or challenging your stamina in a bear crawl. You’ll also get a chance to try out some different machines in the mix of the workout. The weekend features a challenging partner workout designed by one, Coach Chris. Sunday wouldn’t be a Sunday without a good sandbag challenge. 

Through this month at least, we will have At Home Workouts M-Sun. Please take advantage of those if you are unable to make it to the gym space!

To help your recovery, make sure you’re getting enough to eat and sleeping as much as your lifestyle allows. Rest days are always recommended.


  • Our January Titan of the Month is Brenda Shakley! You can check out her post here — https://titancrossfit.com/titan-of-the-month/
  • The Back to Performance Seminar on January 29th has been postponed to a later date. 
  • Reminder — Titan Teens will be running from 4:30-5:30p every Tuesday/Thursday in the Auxiliary Room. That room will be reserved at that time.
  • Sweatshirts and tees are scheduled to arrive by February 9. Thanks for your patience as we all are at the mercy of some crazy wait times. I’m just as excited for my new swag as you are.


A HUGE Congratulations to Jaya Kinley, Bri Fachler and Coach Spin for their competition results in the Baltimore Open. Best lifts for our lifters were huge! (kg/lbs): 

Jaya Kinley – Snatch 46kg/101#, CJ 56kg/123

Bri Fachler – Snatch 55kg/121#, CJ 75kg/165# 

Coach Spin – Snatch 77kg/169#, CJ 102kg/224#

***Coach Spin added 27 kilos/ 59 pounds to his total from the same meet last year!!!*** 

If you are interested in growing those barbells skills and getting mega strong, block out some time on your calendar for the Titan Strength Initiative. Our next session starts 2/16! More details are soon to come.

As always, work hard, and listen to your coaches 😉 

Let me know if you have any questions for the week! 

Rock on Titans,