Titan Weekly, 1/3 – Happy 2022!


Titan Weekly, 1/3 – Happy 2022!

Happy New Year, Titans! It’s 2022 🙂

This week in programming we are beginning a back squat and gymnastic pulling cycle that will take us up to and through the CrossFit Open in late February. On days where we have a heavy lift you’ll see that the workout is short and sprinty. This is designed such that you can give your best effort on the strength/gymnastic build piece and burn off that remaining capacity in the workout. Longer workouts are featured on Saturday and Sunday to build capacity.

We have two Benchmark workouts this week — Severus Snape on Wednesday and DT on Friday. Both are fan favorites, and it will be exciting to see your progress as we start off into this new year!

Through this month at least, we will have At Home Workouts M-F. Please take advantage of those if you are unable to make it to the gym space!

To help your recovery, make sure you’re getting enough to eat and sleeping as much as your lifestyle allows. Rest days are always recommended.


  • Beginning TOMORROW Tuesday, January 4, Titan Teens will be running from 4:30-5:30p every Tuesday/Thursday in the Auxiliary Room. That room will be reserved at that time.
  • TITAN TUESDAY is next week, January 10. Wear your Titan shirts and gear to class to show your Titan pride. Titan Tuesday is also Bring-a-friend Day. If you have someone that’s looking to make a 2022 change in their fitness, bring them in to class!
  • Speaking of Titan swag — we have a Hoodie and Long-Sleever pre-order at the front desk. That order will be closing next Monday, January 9. 
  • Our Normal Class Schedule has resumed this week, AND we’ve been able to increase the class cap to 14 members per class. PLEASE RESERVE your spot in class prior to showing up to the gym. 

Add your age group on the Leaderboard! 

  • Because we have such a rich and varied community, we want to find a way to represent that for everyone. The only thing you need to do is add your age bracket in parentheses to your name. For example, mine would be Colette Wheeler (35-39). Rose’s would be Rose Wall (55-59). Age brackets gives us a way to see where we fall amongst those in our age group. It is a positive way to measure progress and ability.
  • To add this change to your name, follow these steps — 
  • Go to the top left hamburger menu in the left corner
  • Select ’tools and more’
  • Select ‘your info’
  • Add you age bracket to your last name
  • Age groups are as follows:
  • (18-34)(35-39)(40-44)(45-49)(50-54)(55-59)(60-64)(65+)

As always, work hard, and listen to your coaches 😉 

Let me know if you have any questions for the week! 

Rock on Titans,