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Our CrossFit program is the best Baltimore County has to offer. All levels of fitness are welcome and encouraged! Through our unique and FUN method, you’ll find yourself in the best shape of your life. Our coaches and community help you establish a routine and consistency you never imagined you could achieve!


Our Teens program is designed for ages 11-15. It is an 8 week program designed to either on-ramp Teens into a Youth membership OR be repeated throughout the year! In the 8 weeks, Titan Teens develop fitness, skills, and confidence through CrossFit instruction and training. All skills translate directly to the sports field, playground, and life! Every class is FUN — teens will warm-up, learn a new skill or movement, and workout. They get the chance to practice and hone their skills across the entire program.

For 8 weeks, Titan Kids have an hour of age-appropriate structured play through games, music, and movement like running, jumping, and tumbling. Every class is FUN! Kids begin to learn basic fitness skills that translate directly to the playground and even the sports field!



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Why I Choose Titan CrossFit Near Me

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