Titan of the Month April 2024 – Heidi Carlson

Heidi Carlson, Titan CrossFit, Titan of the Month April 2024

Hi I’m Heidi! I live in Mays Chapel with my boyfriend Coach Spin and our two children Roxy and Wikett. I currently work as a Clinical Trial Monitor for IQVIA. In my free time I enjoy napping, eating snacks, listening to true crime podcasts, and spoiling the dogs.

What led you to try CrossFit?

After college I was looking for something to do to stay in shape. I knew I couldn’t motivate myself at a regular gym and needed someone telling me what to do. I decided to try CrossFit and haven’t looked back since.

Why do you continue to CrossFit?

I like that in CrossFit there is always something new to learn or work towards. Whether it is learning a new gymnastic skill or trying to hit a PR. It never gets easier the longer you do it.

Describe how your attitude towards health and fitness has evolved since you began your journey

In college my fitness “goal” was not to gain any muscle mass since I sailed and you wanted to be light in the boat. I basically did all cardio. Once I started doing CrossFit I realized I don’t need to be afraid of gaining muscle and realized how much more my body could do when I did.

Share a memorable CrossFit moment that makes you laugh or puts a smile on your face

There are too many…..Uncle Todd falling off the GHD, making Spin run with two wall balls (he was so cranky), Ryan beating Jim in an echo bike workout, hanging on the Brock Dock, learning I may have been a D1 swimmer in college, and talking smack at 5:30am.

What are you proud of and why?

Just the fact that I have stuck with CrossFit for so long and haven’t given up on my fitness.

What’s your advice for other CrossFitters or people looking to start?

Don’t be intimidated and scale the workouts!

Why the coaches chose Heidi as Titan of the month

“Silent assassin” is how one coach described Heidi. She comes into the gym quietly and kills workouts. Heidi is one of the most consistent and long term Titans we have. She makes sure her workout happens no matter what her schedule. She’s humble and willing to take advice from anyone. Recently Heidi has decided to embrace her awesomeness at CrossFit and sign up for an out of state team competition. She inspires those around her with her presence. She helps out new people with movements and the layout of the gym. Heidi’s reserved nature can sometimes fly under the radar. To the Titan community, Heidi will always be another thread that weaves us together. Congrats Heidi! This was very well earned and deserved.