Titan Weekly, 12/13 and REINDEER GAMES


Titan Weekly, 12/13 and REINDEER GAMES

Happy Monday, Titans!

This week in programming, we continue in our Pressing and Clean and Jerk building season with two workouts focused on clean and jerk cycling stamina. Those are on Monday and Thursday. Push Press and gymnastic strength continues on Wednesday. On Tuesday, we have a lovely CrossFit staple rep scheme, the 21-15-9 couplets. On Friday, we get a chance to practice explosivity (word?), pairing the Snatch with box jumps. As you build in the Snatch portion of the class, the paired box jumps prime the body for maximum explosiveness.

The week culminates with the Reindeer Games on Saturday. The workouts will be released on Thursday evening. Team spirit is HIGHLY encouraged. All are welcome to attend, even if you are not ‘competing’ on a team. Please join us afterward for a Holiday Lunch with food, drinks and holiday cheer. You can plan for that to begin after 12p. Friends, family, and kids are welcome!

To help your recovery, make sure you’re getting enough to eat and sleeping as much as your lifestyle allows. Rest days are always recommended.


* Titan Tuesday will be TOMORROW on December 14th! Titan Tuesday is the second Tuesday of every month. Come to class dressed in your Titan Best. Bring a friend, too, while you’re at it 🙂

* Be sure to check out our new member feature — Titan of the Month. Each month Rose, myself, and our staff of coaches will confer to select a Titan of the Month. That person is someone who is not only committed to their fitness, but also brings joy, support, and good spirits to any class they attend. We are honored each one of you chose us, and we want to highlight you and give you the chance to share some of your experience at Titan CrossFit.

* You can read about our first Titan of the Month, Evan Carhart, here: https://titancrossfit.com/athlete-of-the-month/

* Saturday, December 18th at 10a will bring the return of the Titan Reindeer Games. Teams are posted at the Front Desk and in the Titan Member Lounge on Facebook
* If you’re unable to come on Saturday, but have already been assigned a team, please work with your team to find a substitute. That said, teams that are less than 6 will still be able to ‘play’.

* Workouts will be released on Thursday at 8pm. The workouts will include movements that require teamwork, strategy, and overall willingness to exercise your heart out! Movements that will NOT be included are as follows:
* Skilled barbell movements
* Pull-ups/Toes to Bar/Advanced Gymnastic movements

* A Holiday gathering will immediately follow the Reindeer Games. All Titans are welcome, and participation in the Games is not a requirement to celebrate the season with us!


Our Holiday schedule is as follows:

* 12/24, Christmas Eve – 9a/10a CrossFit classes. The gym will be open from 9-11a for Open Gym.
* 12/25, Christmas – CLOSED
* 12/31, New Year’s Eve – 9a/10a CrossFit classes. The gym will be open from 9-11a for Open Gym.
* 1/1, New Year’s Day – CLOSED

Starting in January! Titan Teens!

* Beginning Tuesday, January 4, Titan Teens will be running from 4:30-5:30p every Tuesday/Thursday in the Auxiliary Room. That room will be reserved at that time.

Add your age group on the Leaderboard!

* Because we have such a rich and varied community, we want to find a way to represent that for everyone. The only thing you need to do is add your age bracket in parentheses to your name. For example, mine would be Colette Wheeler (35-39). Rose’s would be Rose Wall (55-59). Age brackets gives us a way to see where we fall amongst those in our age group. It is a positive way to measure progress and ability.

* To add this change to your name, follow these steps —
* Go to the top left hamburger menu in the left corner
* Select ’tools and more’
* Select ‘your info’
* Add you age bracket to your last name
* Age groups are as follows:
* (18-34)(35-39)(40-44)(45-49)(50-54)(55-59)(60-64)(65+)

As always, work hard, and listen to your coaches 😉

Let me know if you have any questions for the week!

Rock on Titans,