Titan Weekly, 12/27 -Holidaze


Titan Weekly, 12/27 -Holidaze

Happy Weird Holiday Week, Titans!

It’s that week of the year where everything just feels a little bit ‘off’. That strange stretch of time between Christmas and New Years where food is always available, work feels impossible, and everyone can’t wait to get home to be cozy and relaxing. Then add to that the Omicron wave and it gets really exciting.

This week, our schedule will be different. Due to the crashing Omicron wave, and to create as safe an atmosphere as possible for our members, we are offering the following schedule class times:

5:30am CrossFit Class

9:00am CrossFit Class

12:00pm CrossFit Class

5:30pm CrossFit Class 

5:30am-7:30pm Open Gym

We will have 4 coached CrossFit classes each day until Monday January 3rd. OPEN GYM IS ALL DAY LONG. 

The week’s programming is designed with fun and fitness as its main driver. Because we are in a Holiday Mode, we want you to get in, get your sweat on, and stay consistent with your workouts. Ride through the week with your eye on the prize for the new year coming ahead. 

On Monday, January 3rd, our schedule will return to normal volume and programming design. Notably, we will begin a Back Squat strength progression as well as a Gymnastic Pulling Progression in that week. 

To help your recovery, make sure you’re getting enough to eat and sleeping as much as your lifestyle allows. Rest days are always recommended.


Our Holiday schedule is as follows:

  • 12/31, New Year’s Eve – 9a/10a CrossFit classes. The gym will be open from 9-11a for Open Gym.
  • 1/1, New Year’s Day – CLOSED
  • 1/11, Titan Tuesday – Titan Tuesday is the second Tuesday of every month. Come to class dressed in your Titan Best. Bring a friend, too, while you’re at it 🙂

Starting in January! Titan Teens!

  • Beginning Tuesday, January 4, Titan Teens will be running from 4:30-5:30p every Tuesday/Thursday in the Auxiliary Room. That room will be reserved at that time.

Add your age group on the Leaderboard! 

  • Because we have such a rich and varied community, we want to find a way to represent that for everyone. The only thing you need to do is add your age bracket in parentheses to your name. For example, mine would be Colette Wheeler (35-39). Rose’s would be Rose Wall (55-59). Age brackets gives us a way to see where we fall amongst those in our age group. It is a positive way to measure progress and ability.
  • To add this change to your name, follow these steps — 
  • Go to the top left hamburger menu in the left corner
  • Select ’tools and more’
  • Select ‘your info’
  • Add you age bracket to your last name
  • Age groups are as follows:
  • (18-34)(35-39)(40-44)(45-49)(50-54)(55-59)(60-64)(65+)

As always, work hard, and listen to your coaches 😉 

Let me know if you have any questions for the week! 

Rock on Titans,