Titan of the Month November 2023 – Aaron Ingles


What led you to try CrossFit?

I used to go to separate gyms and workout twice a day to get in my cardio and keep up my strength. That became pretty time consuming and not a lot of fun so I wanted to find a gym that could give me both. After looking at some gyms in the area I saw Titan was right across the street from work and after doing some research into Crossfit I decided to give it a shot.

Why do you continue to CrossFit?

Because it’s not easy. I enjoy the challenge of learning new movements and always trying to find ways to improve. I really struggled with Olympic weightlifting and anything on the rig when I first started, but that helped me stay motivated. The feeling of accomplishment when you hit a new PR or get to use a new skill in a WOD is what keeps me coming back.

Describe how your attitude towards health and fitness has evolved since you began your journey

I used to diet and workout solely to lose weight and fit into smaller clothes, even if it meant that I had no energy at the gym during my workout. Then I started crossfit and my focus shifted from losing weight to getting better scores and lifting heavier weights. I also started to focus more on mobility and realized that moving properly was more important than just the weight on the barbell. I quit worrying about eating and the scale. Instead I used my performance in the gym as a gauge on if I was going in the right direction.

Share a memorable CrossFit moment that makes you laugh or puts a smile on your face

Probably my first competition that I ever did. Randall and I were partners and it did not go as planned. My favorite memory from that was either laying on the ground dying after the second workout and getting asked to move so the next heat could start, or not getting called for no-reps during the last workout because ‘they weren’t going to win anyway’ haha.

What are you proud of and why?

Qualifying for quarterfinals this past year. Getting in the top 10% of the open and making it to quarterfinals has been a goal of mine for the last few years and I was able to finally accomplish that which was incredibly exciting.

What’s your advice for other CrossFitters or people looking to start?

It’s okay to be bad at something and fail. That’s how you improve and everyone has been in that same position. Skipping things you aren’t good at won’t make you better and the first step towards being good at something is to be bad at it.

Why the coaches chose Aaron as Titan of the month

We can tell that Aaron loves to be at Titan. He’s always on time, listens to what’s being said and is ready to encourage other fellow Titans. We can’t remember a time when Aaron was not consistently attending crossfit classes since he began in 2019. He’s grown immensely as an athlete with no signs of slowing down. Aaron is competitive while still humble. He’s learned what his body is capable of and chooses workouts appropriately. Coaches rarely need to advise him to go up or down in difficulty. Aaron is one of our Titans that contribute to our gym being friendly, supportive and competitive. Here’s to Aaron and him becoming even a better athlete in the days, weeks, months and years to come. We are proud to have him.